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Since 1999 over the years Company has embarked on an impressive expansion plan, starting from small set up to factory.Magfa International is now the major and leading Manufacturer and Exporter in Pakistan.  We are specialist in the below mentioned items:-

Aiguillettes,Apron Masonic,Army,Navy,Airforce,Police,Bagpipe Silk Cords, Family Crest, Flag,Pipe Banner,Hand Embroidered Badges,Lanyards,Machine Embroidered Badges, Fashion Wear like Dress Pants,Dress Shirts and Jeans Pants.

Our each products can stand any test of international standard. All the articles give actual working condition.

We know the value of being able to deliever products on time and ranged the quality of products as our number one priority. We always offer very reasonable rates with high international quality.
We always try to give actual business service to our costumers, that is the reason our company Magfa International is the welknown name around the world.

Our success is due to the well trained professional personnel who always dedicate themselves to thier work of improving efficiency and quality of the work.

Strict quality control is placed upone the entire manufacturing process. Magfa International is an organization whose source for inspiration and motivation is our costumers and we deeply appriciate you continuing trust and support.
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  Magfa International
   We are Manufacturing all kinds & sizes of Traditional Quality Gold or Silver Bullion Wires & Colored Silk Threads
Aiguillettes,Apron Masonic,Army,Navy,Airforce,Police,Bagpipe Silk Cords, Family Crest, Flag,Pipe Banner,Hand Embroidered Badges,Lanyards,Machine Embroidered Badges etc,

Since 1999 worked entirely by hand, can Manufactured individually or in quantity.